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Netflix Deals Stay Together

It seems like there is new pricing every day from Netflix. But, lucky for us we have a team of experts constantly unraveling the secrets of the Netflix Pricing model and source the best Netflix Deals out there. Here is the latest visual summary of the Netflix pricing. Please select anyone, and we will take you to the Netflix Trial 30 day offer. So you can try before you buy.

Start the Free Trial – Before It’s too Late.

Netflix just updated their pricing from $9.99/Month for Unlimited streaming + Unlimited DVDs to 2 seperate plans. But, you can still get the Unlimited Streaming and Unlimited DVDs for $15.98/Month. This is still an amazing deal, but sign up before the price goes up higher. The 30 Day Free Trial is still available.

So, now the total is for the same $9.99 service is $15.98. Luckily we still have a free trial available for 30 days. So, you can try before you buy.

We know there are a lot of articles on the new pricing update, but here are all the details in one simple image. We have written a more detailed article about this as well which you can read here about Netflix Pricing Plan.

Here are a few that might help you get more insight into why Netflix decided to do this new pricing update.

  • Here is a great article on Wall Street Journal about why the Netflix Pricing Strategy is a short-term strategy and they might have to roll back the prices.

How good is the Netflix Deal?

Here is a comparison chart for Netflix vs Comcast XFinity vs At&t Uverse :

In 2009 we had Comcast for the whole year. On average we paid $65/month for our Comcast Cable now known as XFinity. So, that’s a total of $780 for the year. This was without paying for pay-per-view, or HBO, or Showtime etc. Not premium channels, just the basic channels.

For 2010, we continue to subscribe to Comcast XFinity and Netflix at the the same time. So, for Comcast we still paid $780/year and for Netflix we paid an additional $134 (at a $9.99/month for Unlimited Streaming and Unlimited DVDs at 1 DVD/Month). So we paid a total of $914 for the year. Let’s say on average we watched 1 hour of TV a day, that’s 365 hours a year. So at the $914 price point, we paid approximately $2.65/day for Television. It doesn’t sound like much, but when we started to look at Netflix alone in 2011, we were blown away by how much we were wasting.

Comcast or Cable TV as a whole is sort of like a safety blanket. We have come to realize, that we didn’t actually watch anything that we needed Cable TV or Live TV for. All we did was DVR the shows that we wanted to watch and watch it later. This was a revelation, that we came to realize only when we took the step to elimated cable tv out of our home and just stick with Netflix. Now, with only $134/year or $.32/day we get all the movies, and TV shows we want to watch. Also, with other streaming sites like Hulu, we don’t miss a single TV show that we want to watch. Another beautiful thing about not having a service that just has something or the other all the time like At&T Uverse or Cable. We got more time to our selves, who knows maybe to read books.

Netflix is definitely the best deal on the web. And here at Netflix Deals we are constantly finding the right deal for you.

Netflix Deals, Canada update 2011

NetflixDeals is proud to announce that Netflix has struck a deal with Paramount Pictures to start releasing their newest content in Canada. Why Canada is probably big burning question? We think that this is primarily due to the restrictions and the desire for big studios to expand into other markets such as Canada. Paramount still has a number of avenue to distribute their content in the US such as Comcast, At&t Uverse, Dish Network, Pay-per-view and other Pay-TV options. But in Canada it is probably more difficult for studios to go in and find distribution channels.

Also, there is unique content for canadians on netflix streaming that is not available for the US counterparts. A prime example of this would be Mad Men series. You can now start watching Mad Men live in Canada but not in the US. It’s incredible to see the growth potential for Netflix in Canada. is constantly monitoring the latest on deals for Netflix. Netflix, as a deal is getting better not only by their cheaper pricing options but also by the rich content they are providing through their service. Just this year, they have stuck deals with Paramount, Showtime and Starz. Hopefully next it will be HBO and other premium content providers.

As Content gets better, the price tag of $7.99/month for unlimited streaming just becomes more and more attractive.

Deal is in the Details – Starz and Netflix has just learned that Netflix subscribers will have to wait to watch the TV shows from Starz: There is going to be a 90 Day wait period between when a show is aired on Starz and when it’s going to be available for Streaming on Netflix.

Starz Logo

This delay in streaming for 90 days will take effect with the premiere shows such as Camelot. This would have showed up the next day on Netflix if this new policy wasn’t taking effect.

The Starz announcement comes just two days after rival pay TV network Showtime declared that it is going to take some of its most popular shows, including Dexter andCalifornication, off the service once its deal with Netflix expires this summer. Netflix is definitely feeling the pressure with Showtime and now Starz backing out or making the deals more complex for Netflix. What is going to happen moving forward? Is this a trend moving forward. Is Netflix still going to continue to be the best deal in Movie Streaming or is the Netflix Deal not as attractive any more.

Netflix had one of the worst outages on Monday, yet the stock continues to drive up. Now it’s at an all time high of $230. This could also be a netotiating tactic on behalf of the

Netflix is particularly upset about Starz, which Netflix got for cheap when it originally signed up with the network. Starz has not only provided original content to Netflix, but also movies from Sony and Disney – and Netflix reportedly paid just $30 million for it. That sweetheart deal is up early next year, and Starz wants significantly more money, especially after Netflix inked a similar deal with Epix that is reportedly worth $1 billion.